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Weathersafe Roofing Ltd specialises in all types of slate and tile roofing. We work with all variety of tiles and slates. From replacing slipped or broken tiles and slates, to the replacement of an entire roof, our highly skilled and qualified roofers offer the highest quality workmanship and service available.

Slate Roofs

There are a variety of slate roofing options available from Fibre-Cement (man-made) Slates, to Natural Slates. It is important to understand the advantages of each when selecting a material for your roof. Our roofing experts will walk you through the pros and cons of each to ensure you select the best possible material to suit your property and your budget.

Natural Slate

Natural slate is an excellent choice for adding value and beauty to a property. There are a variety of natural slate options which add instantly to the value appeal of a house or property. While many roofers have experience slating, natural slate takes an extra level of expertise. We can tackle any request including custom designs and rounded roofs. Our expertise in natural slating is unmatched.


Tile Roofs are among the most common types of roof coverings. There are a variety of styles and colours available for Tile Roofs. Tiles are a durable, versatile, and often cost-effective solution.

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High Quality Works

Our commitment to detail and ability to provide the highest quality work at affordable prices, has built us a solid reputation as top-quality Dublin roofing contractors. We use top quality materials and work with the client to ensure that the project meets their expectation and stays within their budget. We are Fully registered and accredited members of Trusted Trades.

Fully Registered and Insured EL/PL

We offer a 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair call out service in North Dublin, South Dublin and surrounding areas, as well as Free Written Estimates. Our roofing professionals offer a complete report of any damages, photos of damaged areas and all documentation requested by insurance companies.

The Right Choice

With so many roofing companies to pick from we understand it can be difficult to choose the right one. We have been in business for over 20 years, proudly serving thousands of happy and satisfied clients and customers. See our reviews and testimonials before making ‘the right choice’ for your roofing service needs.