Frequently Ask Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Dublin and surrounding areas, Navan and Kells.

All roofing services: new roofs, roof repairs, gutters, fascia and soffit and chimney repair.

No, we do not charge for call outs.

No, unless property needs equipment rental for access (industrial sites mainly).

It depends on the amount of damage, size of area, and materials required.

It depends on size of roof, age, is it a new build or must the old roof be taken off and disposed of and what materials will be used.

Call for an inspection/survey and get a free quote.

It depends on the size of the roof and the materials used. A flat roof may take a day. Natural slate could take a week.

Are there tiles or slates visibly missing, broken, or dislodged? Are there damp patches on the ceiling?

Yes, normally 20 years.

When the survey is completed the roofer will give their best advice. If it can be repaired an option to do this will be provided. If it is too far gone and we would not be able to guarantee a repair, this would be stated and a quote for the full roof given. If the client insists on doing the repair, it would be agreed as a temporary repair.

Absolutely. We work closely with a few insurance assessors who will help get the best coverage available.

We recommend once a year to avoid damage.

There are vast amounts of roofing materials. It varies.

We only offer warranties/guarantees on the brickwork of chimneys.

We return until the issue is resolved and if it cannot be, issue a refund.

We will tell you if it is not safe. Always get a roofer to survey any damage for you.

Sometimes there is water damage on the ceilings or missing/broken tiles or slates, which can be seen. Often there can be damage happening for a while before it becomes visible. It is a good idea to have the roof checked once a year.

Many broken/missing slates. Water damage in multiple areas. Cracks in multiple areas of a flat roof. Damaged rafters. Multiple roof repairs with consistent new issues.

If cracks become visible or if water is getting in.

It comes down to the cost to repair and continue to repair versus the cost to re-roof. Once the roof has reached a certain age, it will need constant repair. The price of scaffolding is usually part of a serious repair. This cost can really add up. There also comes a point where the damage to the roof is too extensive and any repair would only temporarily fix the problems. A good roofer would not recommend this as it would not provide a lasting solution to the problem. At this point the new roof is the best option.